In the workshop we design our own works of art. We paint and draw or build fantastic sculptures.

Every Sun 3–4 pm during the public guided tour.

LuXo BoX
Fluxus kit to discover, try and play

Around 1968, many people wanted to change the world. Everywhere people stood up for peace, equality and freedom and protested against rigid traditions and power structures.

During this time, artists also called for change, new perspectives and unusual ways of thinking. For example, a group of artists invented the “Fluxkits”. These were suitcases of small works of art that could be taken anywhere. The artworks weren’t what you might expect from artworks. You could touch them, play with them, invent music and they were also funny or absurd. The Fluxus artists consciously set themselves apart from known art forms and did not set up any rules.

Our suitcase is inspired by the “Fluxkits”. You will find games that you may know, but also many other things that you, your family or friends can think of. Explore the suitcase together and decide for yourself what and how much you want to do with it.

You can borrow the LuXo BoX at the museum cash desk.

Have fun!

Family workshop

Discover the Ludwig Forum with your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews. And work on an artwork together with the whole family: painting, drawing, with clay or other materials – an unforgettable adventure.

Date and fees by arrangement.

Free admission
for everyone under 21 years of age.

Info and booking
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